worming chickens


8 Years
Sep 2, 2011
how often do you have to worm chooks ? I understand that it doesn't affect the eggs and that you should not put the stuff in the water on very hot or cold days but it doesn't say how long i should do it for and how often. Can anyone help ?
Incredibly untrue. Most dewormers (non-poultry approved) should be followed by a withdrawal period of two weeks. If you're referring to wazine, I still wouldn't eat the eggs for a week. All wormers are poisons of a sort and there's no reason to consume that unless absolutely necessary.

Depending where you live you may need to worm more or less often. From what I've found, many folks do it once a year and use preventative measures - squash/pumpkin seeds, red pepper flakes, diatomaceous earth - on a monthly basis or so. Other people won't ever touch a wormer unless they see worms in feces or have another strong need to do so.

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