Worming Chicks

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Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky!

First how old are your chicks? Are they showing signs of needing to be wormed?

Garlic has been used as a natural way. You can make a garlic concentrate which can be mixed in with the water along with adding food grade DE to the feed. The garlic and DE method should then be repeated a week later. Cayenne pepper is also often used in protecting the flock against parasitic worms.

A natural product called Verm X can be used. In their own words, 100% Natural Herbal Formula with NO withdrawal period for eggs or birds. Here is their link: http://verm-xusa.com/poultry/cat_6.html
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every year i grow and dry cayene peppers, i use them every 2 weeks as a natural wormer and supplement. Chickens cannot taste the heat in peppers and my always love anything that is red.

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