worming my 3 month old peachick

would i have to pour it on ? or is there an easier way? i have never wormed my peafowl before and they seemed alright, but because i havve such a strong bong with a recent chick, i couldn't bear to take a risk.
I have two one year old peahens and I've never wormed them (I hatched them). I also have about 23 chickens, who've also never been wormed.

What I do to prevent worms is to sprinkle a little food-grade Diatomaceous Earth into their organic feed once a week. Can you post a pic of your peahen?

that was him last week. in my dogs cage. he likes it in there but i dont know why.
here is one of my peahens?
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Read through this thread; it has some useful info--


also, if you use the "search" function at the top of th page in the blue strip & enter "worming" & click on "peafowl" in the drop down menu, it will bring up all of the topics in this forum on worming peafowl.

UPA also has articles on it. www.peafowl.org

I'm new to having peafowl too; there's lots of info if you read back through the past pages.

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