Worming Question...


May 15, 2011
Eastern Kentucky
I am trying to find previous threads on the subject, but in the meantime...

What are the signs and symptoms of worm infestation? How old should chicks be when they get wormed the first time? What wormer do YOU use and how often?

i first worm them when they are about 4 months old
i use "pour on ivermectin" and i get it at TSC
i put about 3 or 4 drops on the skin on the back of their necks and this also works for mites
i do this about every 2 months in the summer and 3 months in the winter
You're welcome. I hope it answers your questions. (Don't forget that you can't eat the eggs for a specific period of time after worming. I'm not sure what it is b/c I've never done it though.)

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