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    Apr 2, 2010
    We have 14 chicks purchased at 3 days old from McMurray hatchery. We had them vaccinated. They are beautiful and healthy and want to keep them that way. Is there a schedule for worming (like dogs). The more I read the more neurotic I am becoming about worms and diseases. We have never raised chickens before and are concerned we are doing the right thing. I read that putting apple cider vinegar (1 tbs per gall) in their water acts like a natural wormer. Is this true? Can anyone tell me what they do for keeping their chicks/hens free from parasites?Thanks for your help
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    There's really no need to worm them unless you actually see worms in their poo. If their coop and run are kept clean and they aren't introduced to other chickens that could be ill, you'll probably never have to worm them.

    Apple cider vinegar is very good for chickens (and people!) so feel free to put it in their water.

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