Worming to do or not to do?

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My oldest chickens are turning two March 17, and I have never wormed, but one of my cats appears to have tape worms, can this be passed on to the chickens? If so my question is what do you worm with, when, do you know of anything with a short withdrawal period or no withdrawal period? I would prefer something natural but I can't use ACV because I can't find any with mother in it.
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Since we've had a problem with one of our cats having tapeworms, I asked the vet if I also needed to worm our older puppy for tapeworms too since he always seems to have his nose up her butt.
The vet said no, they get the tapeworms from fleas; not thru the feces.
I worm my chickens once a year, with whatever broad spectrum wormer I have handy. I have neighbor that raises cattle and he gives me the wormer in small amounts so I don't have to buy a huge bottle for just 14 chickens.
Year one I used valbazen (albendazole), 1/2 cc. orally, undiluted for standard sized chickens; 1/4 cc for bantams.
This year I used ivermectin, 1/2 cc applied to the back of the neck, on the skin.
Withdrawel time for either is 2 weeks.
IMO, DE - wormguard, worm-x, and all those other natural products are more preventative than treatments.
I feel that worming once a year is a good idea because once you notice a problem weight loss, worms in the stools, the infestation is bad and the damage is already done.

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One of my chickens had a round worm in its poo so wormed them all [13] with wazine but I have now ordered Verm-x.com Verm-x is an all natural wormer I ordered the granuals since my chickens free range, I'm hoping this will take care of the problem since I hate to use chemicals, and no withdrawal like with wazine, 2 weeks.

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