Worms!!? HELP!!

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  1. Barnmaradotte

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    Jun 13, 2011
    ok. I got 2 new hens and have them in a separate pen than my established flock. well they have worms. Gross. What do I need to get to get rid of them? how long does it take? can I let them free range with my other chickens? what would have to happen for my others to catch it? do I need to keep the pens far apart? help! I'm a newbie in stage 5 panic!

  2. ChicKat

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    Hi Barnmaradotte

    The first time to encounter worms is pretty yuck inducing. It really is something you can control/handle once you know a few things about it. Hopefully some of the experts here will answer your post.

    Do a search in the upper right corner of the page and you will find lots of references on the topic. Here is one example:


    There are a number of worms that can infest your chickens. Round worms are one of the most common. Wazine is the wormer that our vet suggested I start with when I first encountered the first worms. Subsequently you will want to get a full spectrum wormer. There are a couple of different choices. You will want to find one that will actually be in the chickens blood to kill off those worms that live on the chickens blood.

    No need for panic. It is just part of what you will do to take good care of your chickens.
  3. navychick

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    May 17, 2011
    Does anyone worm pullets preventively BEFORE they get worms. If so can you give specifics?
  4. klmclain1

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    Mar 14, 2011
    DO NOT let your new chickens free range with your established flock until you have the worms under control. It's good you kept them separated! Look for posts by dawg53 regarding worming.

    @navychick, yes, you can do preventative worming. Again, see posts from dawg53. He does this and has posted very detailed instructions.

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