Worms in waterer


Jun 30, 2020
Clayton Ohio
Hello all in chicken land! I have a secondary smaller flock which keep separate from my layers, they are a few months from laying. The past few mornings I go out to refill chickens water and found small white maggot like worms in the water. The chickens will not drink the water with the worms present. I have read that it could just be larvae however, it is Christmas eve here in Ohioand snowing. With that being said I'm confused. There are trees above the coop and run but no signs of life in the tree where the could be falling from.
Don’t leave the water like that. Clean it out and make sure your really give it a good wash. Take out all the hay underneath it and replace that with new. I personally don’t like using tray waterers because they are messy and hard to clean. Nipple waterers work much better and you won’t have that kind of issue

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