WORMS??- Thin Chicken, Loosing Feathers

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    Jun 28, 2009
    My 38-week old Olive Egger has been getting very thin and losing feathers. She may be getting picked on, as I have seen her getting picked at a few times, but she's missing feathers all over. I can feel her bones when I pck her up, and she is so much lighter. Yes, she will eat and drink fine. She is broody right now on a nest of golfballs, so maybe that is why? But this is a lot of weight loss. I can see extra skin underneath her from where there was once more weight. Could this be worms? I have never treated for worms.

    I'm leaning towards worms. If so, what should I use?
    -38 weeks old
    -3 other healthy chickens
    -never been wormed before

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