Free Ranging
17 Years
Jan 26, 2007
central Ohio
Bitsy our BR bantam was very lethargic all day yesterday, . Color me scared for a while! But I'm sure it's not AI. She has slightly pale comb, trace of white diarhea. Last night she had a minced grape, but refused other food. This morning she was much brighter. Ate scrambled eggs for breakfast, but refused other food. Put her outside in a cage, since weather was nice. Just now when I brought her in, I noticed her underside is very bloated, and slightly tender. Gave her moistened Flock Raiser, and another minced grape. She ate everything.

I have not been able to collect a fecal to take to the vet, there just doesn't seem to be any, except traces of white diarhea. This sounds horribly like worms to me. A worm blockage, you think? I guess I will try to deworm her tomorrow, I would have today but I had to be gone all day.

We had a problem with capillary worms all last year, but no other birds had the bloated underside I mentioned. The bloating is very low, just above her legs.

The rest of the flock seems fine.

Help, plesae if you can. Should I start with deworming? I'm afraid it might make her sick if it's some other problem, but I don't know what else to do.

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