worried about eggs....


11 Years
Nov 23, 2008
Long Island, NY
first time broody hen... and she gets up more than once maybe every other day.. worried about the eggs.. if she gets up its only for maybe less than 5 min... she sits on them otherwise but she isn't that BROODY chicken lol if i walk over she puffs out and sticks her back at me to back off... but why does she get up multiple times and not just once... i just caught her dirt bathing then she went back on her eggs...
It's normal for them to get off the nest, get something to drink and eat and leave a large poo, then go back to the nest. If she's only getting off for 5 minutes, you have nothing to worry about.

There was someone here that their broody flew over the fence and couldn't get back in. Don't know how long she was off the nest, but it was quite a while. Anyhow, she still had hers hatch just fine.
i am just worried. lol she has been awesome so far but... she is also sitting on duck eggs till friday then i am adding 3 chick eggs so.... i hope everything goes well
She'll be fine, sounds normal to me. Most of them know what they are doing. Sounds like she is being quick about it. Try not to worry so much, chickens have been hatching eggs for a long time!

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