Worried about my duckling! Could this be angel wing?


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Apr 24, 2013
So, I've recently come to own 2 rescue ducklings that are now (roughly) 5-6 weeks old.
Until now, things have gone quite splendidly! However, I now have concerns. It seems the smaller of the two seems to be...growing differently. I'm noticing that not only are the pin feathers(?) smaller than the other duckling's, but that they seem to be growing upward...pointing in a different, awkward, direction. Nothing like the second, larger, duck.
It also seems the larger duck is now starting to bully the smaller one. Until recently, they've been so dearly close and affectionate, but now I see the other take aggressive snaps at the smaller duck's back and wings causing her(or him) to cry out.
Can't say I'm familiar with any of this, so I'd love some advice on how to deal with such!
Thanks soooo much!!



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Jan 11, 2010
When the feathers first start to grow they are very heavy and filled with blood. This can sometimes give the appearance that angelwing is starting to develop. I would give duckie a few more days to see where the wings are going- and you then you can strap her up if needed to keep the wings supported.

I had some goslings last season that responded well - and I found that a triangular bandage - the kind you can buy for an arm sling was a great item for strapping up the birds. Folded in just the right way it gave enough support and didnt keep slipping off.

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