Worried about two hens


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There's probably absolutely nothing to worry about, but I'd like some feedback.

Hen #1. A light brahma, second to the largest of my hens. Her face, comb and wattles are so pale pink, they are more like flesh color. It's not like they were pink and have gone pale, it's always been this way. They do turn pink when she's excited or scared, but when she's just walking around relaxed they go back to the flesh color. No signs of illness and her stools are fine. I'm almost tempted to believe she has low blood pressure (like I do).

Hen #2. A buff brahma. Just to look at her she looks to be about the same size as all my other buffs, but when you pick her up she's light as a feather. She eats well. I check her crop frequently and it's always full, but not rock hard. No signs of illness and her stools are fine. (Yes, I did follow them around and watch

No signs of worms from either of them, but I did do a prophylatic worming of all the chickens about six weeks ago.

So is it just normal differences in individuals? Oh! They are just shy of 6 months old and neither is these girls is among my current layers, although pale face is showing interest in the nests.
I have a light brahma that was very pale in the face for a long time. She just started laying, and I would still consider her pale for a layer, more like rose colored, not red. I have other hens (not the same type) who are much redder and still not laying.

Don't know about your buff. Maybe just a lighter chicken?
Impossible to comment without knowing more details on feed and environment .... >>>>???
Their enviroment is a large coop that they are only in for the night and early morning hours. They free-range all day long.
They are on layer pellets, with oyster shell supplement. They eat whatever they find to their liking outside of course. Treats consist of bread, fruit that we have here on the farm - usually apples and figs, leftover vegetables from the our meals, yogurt, and a little scratch grains. They steal the goat's food occasionally and the dog's food when they're brave enough.
Both hens act completely normal and "pale face" laid her first egg late this evening.
Thanks Hiding! That helps. Since pale face laid her first egg yesterday evening and it was perfectly normal I'm leaning towards individual differences.

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