Worried- opinions needed please.

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    Feb 20, 2010
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    One of my 23 week old Welsummers seems a bit off today. First thing I noticed was that she was walking slower than normal. I have kept an eye on her all day and she does seem to be somewhat lethargic. She stands with her eyes closed sometimes, other times she will settle and sit down. I don't know if she has started laying yet so I dont know if I should be concerned about her being egg bound. Of my 18 only 5 are laying and Im not exactly sure who. I did see her poo once, it was watery came out with a lot of force, no solids to it but had brite green (they did have spinch this morning) and also a small bit of what looked like mucus. I looked at the poo chart and nothing matched it. She has been hanging around the nest boxes. I did not see her eat, so I boiled an egg and she pecked at it a bit, and I gave her a mix of gatorade and water. Then I say her spit-up like a watery vomit... but I was making her nervious, hovering around and I had her closed in the coop alone. I have her in a dog crate now but still in the coop. She is not all fluffed up. Her rear feathers are clean and vent looks normal. I dont feel any lumps in the abdoman and her crop is not swollen that I can tell.
    So... she looks normal. Just walking a little slow. Im worried about the fact I saw water/fluid come out of her beak after she nibbles on the boilded egg. Do chickens do that? I have not seen mine do it before. I just want to get a jump on things before she gets worse.... maybe Im over reacting and nothing is wrong![​IMG]
    Any thoughts? If she is one of the layers they have only been laying a few weeks...
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    I don't know. I'd probably just watch her for now. People get diarrhea now and then for no good reason. Maybe a little probiotic if you hve it handy.

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