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Jan 27, 2011
North Alabama
I'm watching Cnn and the protests in Wisconsin are not only heating up, but the capital building is pretty much shut down, protesters are being forced out of the capital building, and some Democratic Senators are still refusing to return. This could be explosive. People are receiving death threats, and what started out as a peaceful protest could become a riot. I hope not.
They finally figured out that they could take away the public employees right to collective bargaining without a full quorum. They only need a quorum for budget issues. So they passed it with just the Republican Senators. One of them read the writing on the wall and voted against it. I guess he doesn't want to get recalled.

So the 14 patriots that left to Il didn't accomplish what they wanted but they did put a microscope on the objectives of the Koch brothers and their puppets. It will be interesting to see what happens from here. Might be some recalls. They will probably just change the rules so that recalls aren't allowed.
I do not foersee this thread lasting long--I expect that we have plenty of folks who feel that the Republicans are in the right, and others who feel they are totally wrong. Our political system works mostly by majority rule. Walking out when you have a minority is working against the system, regardless of the issue at hand. Much better to debate and work within the system to find a compromise that is workable for all, even if not exactly what either side really wants.
I can't decide who I wanted to win - the unions are parasites, but they prey on the state government, which is also a parasite. Of course, by extension they prey on the portion of the population that doesn't get overpayed, so...

Both screw the country up, so y'know, I guess it really doesn't matter.
Then there's those of us who hate 'em both, and wish they would all ship off to Cuba, where they'd fit in better.
Well regardless of ones own political pursuasion, whatever it may be, either work within the system for the causes you agree with, or work within the system to change the system to one you prefer. That said, the one we have now has worked pretty darn well for the last 234 3/4 years.
The one that got us an Orwellian superstate? Oh, yeah, that worked out real nice.
The system instituted by the Founders was darn good, but it's been gone for quite some time.

My own perspective? Our current system is a complete and utter failure beyond any hope of possibly being salvaged, and the longer it exists, the more damage it will do. There is no chance of changing the system - no need, either, since it's on the verge of death anyway. All we have to do is sit back and watch it shatter.
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