Worst day ever, chickenwise.


Flamingo Daddy-o
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Apr 21, 2007
South Georgia
Zelda (my favorite hen and the best chicken in the whole wide world) and some other hen vanished sometime between last night and 7 this morning. been having crazy predator problems the past several days. i already trapped two possums. but now i'm suspecting a hawk and/or raccoons. i cant find a trace of either hen. the other casualties have left behind clumps of feathers in the yard. basically, i'm pulling an all-nighter and at this point i'm trigger happy. theres no way anything will even make it to smell the hava♥ trap tonite. Its on!
lead poisoning works great, hope you catch the culprit
shot a few toads hopping around in the leaves... sounded larger.

one of zeldas sisters succumbed to an opossum when they were just a few weeks old and zelda narrowly escaped. that possum got away that night and they have been on my poolist ever since. i always used to feel really bad when i would see roadkill, but after becoming a chicken owner i sigh a sigh of relief seeing any predator dead on the highway. someone actually ran over a redtailed hawk today and i hope it was the one that was circling my house yesterday.

i dont konw if the culprit will even show up tonite, it ought to be full. especially if got zelda and the other hen last night. i'm not so sure that people didnt get htem tho since i cant find any feathers and zelda was a big old australorp, she ought to have left a pretty big clump of feathers somewhere. i did find a trail this morning that looked like cat feet with something dragging in the middle and my neighbor saw a fox coming from my way a few mornings ago.

i think whatever is getting them is getting them right after day break tho.
So sorry for your loss. I will never forget last June when I went to let my birds out and 18 of the 19 ready to lay chickens were all dead (neighbors dog).

Sounds like a fox to me. Hope you get what ever it is. My electric fence has been the best thing ever, gives me a better nights sleep. I really like those nights I hear that neighbors dog hit that fence LOL.

Again I am really sorry to hear of your loss.

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