Worth It Farms' Ancona Ducks


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Atlanta, GA
We are now offering Ancona Ducks available. We have many different colors and ages.

Ducklings: starting at $5/ea
Hatching Eggs: $40/dozen (shipping included)

Eggs can be shipped, but the others need to be picked up.

**We are now NPIP'd and can hatch/ship you ducklings . Email us if interested.**

You may visit our website for more info: http://worthitfarms.jigsy.com

Our line originally came from Holderreads', with Cackle added in recently, but they have become their own separate line. They lay white/cream, tinted, lavender, and blue/green eggs. Last year, they laid throughout the entire winter, but this winter was much harsher and they did stop laying for about two months. We are working on markings and size, so not all of our birds are up to our ideal. But they have proved themselves as layer, setters, and good mothers. Our males have excellent coloring to help compensate for this. Here are some examples of our adults:

Comments from our customers:

AuroraSprings does an awesome job at shipping eggs! Theres no way an eggs can break or get out in shipping.

11/12 eggs are developing

Hello again --

Out of 24 purchased eggs -- 21 received intact -- I've now ended up with 19 bouncing baby ducklings. That's a very satisfying total. Thanks again!​

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