Would a broody hen raise guinea chicks?


10 Years
Apr 8, 2009
Keystone Heights, FL
Hi there!

I am just wondering in case I find a guinea nest after mine are free ranging on the farm. I have some Orpington and Barred Rocks hens in a nice laying suite in the coop and I intend to let them raise chicks periodically. Could I sneak guinea eggs under a broody hen? Would it work?
Yes, hens can't count (Days anyway) so they'll never know they're hatching keets instead of chicks. We had a R.I.R. which hatched 2 keets on the 11th. She's doing a great job mothering them, and I believe they understand her well. (Chicken-guinea communication, lol)

But if you want the hen to hatch both chicks and keets (I've never done this but I assume it's just as easy) you'll need to start the guinea eggs 4-7 days earlier then the chicken eggs. (Technically 7 days earlier, but the keets from our last two incubator hatches have started pipping on their 25th day, and so did the keets under our R.I.R.)

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