Would a chicks butt look like this after being cleaned for pasty butt?


May 18, 2022
Southeastern Pennsylvania
Okay guys I got a box of BLRW chicks. I just noticed now after picking them up this morning, one's butt looks like this.

Does anybody have an idea of what might have happened here? I did contact the person I got them from to see if they have any idea. What should I do? There's a couple others that have really dry butts as well. I soaked all of them in warm water, towel dried them, and put them back under the heat plate. They all have plenty of fresh water and food.
I would check for mites or louse, and I would keep an eye out to see if the other chicks are maybe picking at her. But it doesn't look inflamed, and I don't see bites, so maybe she's just not growing feathers there yet. I looked in some other threads, and apparently naked butt chicks are a thing!


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So the little guy is pooping. But it's very runny. I just got them today so I don't know if it's runny because he's just drinking a lot of water from after his trip or if this is a medical thing, intestinal or dietary....
I've only had one serious case of pasty butt and that's more or less what the poor, irritated, little backside looked like.

It took him a couple weeks for all the swelling and irritation to subside and I kept and eye on him to make sure he wasn't being picked on because of it.
Do you know if there's anything that I can put on it topical to help it heal or protect it
Do you know if there's anything that I can put on it topical to help it heal or protect it

The only thing I put on mine was a little olive oil to keep poop from sticking.

I let nature do the healing for fear of using a medication that would make him -- or the others -- sick if they preened/pecked at it.

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