would a door like this work for the run?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
OK, I'm picturing this... the width of the pre-existing run is 4ft wide.

I am wanting to make this into a walk-in run... so, what if I did a plywood sheet door that is 4ft wide on the end, put it on hinges either on the bottom with a lock on top... then I could swing it down to the ground when I need to go in..

do you think this would work? so the whole short end of the run would be the door while the long ends of the run would be the wire...

whatcha think?
I'm trying to visualize this and can't..............I'm a little slow sometimes! Can you be more specific?
I tried to make it visual since I"m a visual learner LOL! but Im not good at making visual in typing!!!

so basically the short end of the run would be all one sheet of plywood. The plywood would be hinged on the bottom and locked on the top so that it would fold all the way down onto the ground.

I think it would work just fine, I just wonder if this is Ok for predators etc ya know?
Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh, like a gangplank! And you are making the whole thing tall enough to walk in. All I can think of is that if you have to step on the door to get into the run, it may put stress on the hinges and eventually break them off. You may consider hinging it on the side, like a typical door.
Aside from that, though, it should work just fine to confine the birdies and keep out predators.
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yeah!! like a gangplank!!! good thinking!
OK, so I could do it on the side... I didn't think of that..

OK, I think I'm going to do this... it is the simplest construction option that I have I think. and it'll use less fencing. (oh and yes, it will be full walk in... well I hope anyways!)

now to decide on the roof...............
She has a really good point. So yea, I vote for the side hinges. What are you thinking of for the roof? I saw a really cool site for using old pop/beer cans for shingles.......way cool, and GREEN!
well, I didn't plan on keeping the chickens in there while I cleaned. or went in there. I let them run around while we're outside... so they will only be in the run when we are not outside. so its not a biggie if they get out while Im in there....

now the cans idea is COOL!!!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to figure out an economical roof idea... but we don't have any of those cans around... hmmmmmmm....

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