would anyone buy sultans???

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a breeding pair of sultan chickens.They are in the critical list,so i want to insure their safety as a breed.But the question is: If i did breed Sultans,would you buy them???(look them up under images if you dont know what they look like)
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    I would definitely be interested in fertile sultan eggs if you produced them.
  3. by the way,i live in TN,so im not sure how far i would be willing to ship live birds,but I would,just not to somewhere really far away,like,hawaii,or oregon,or something

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    If you only plan to buy a pair you won't do much to "insure the safety" of the breed.
    As to their critical status I assume that's from the ALBC or the SPPA. Not to disparage either organization but their data collection methods are less than scientific. Essentially they make their status determinations based on self-reporting of their members. To explain, imagine that 10,000 people breed Sultans but only one of those people joins the ALBC or SPPA & reports having Sultans. As far as those organizations are concerned there's only one Sultan breeder in the country & the breed is "critically threatened". Other than this self-reporting those organizations have no way of who breeds what.
    All the major hatcheries, McMurray, Ideal, Strombergs, etc, all sell Sultans in quantity. They're not all that rare, they're just not that popular.
    BTW-love the confidence. Already selling adult birds from a pair you haven't bought yet.
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  5. i'm probably not going to get a pair,we have enough chickens already

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