Would my guinea fowl intentionaly kill me if they weighed 400 pounds..


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Sep 26, 2011
instead of four??
My guineas aren't mean at all... There is one that I call Pete and he will come and sit on my knee. They all eat out of my hand and have NEVER been any kinda mean to me. So I would say no.
what an interesting title.
our two are nice.they dont attack us but dont let us approched either.they hang out with our wellie hens and rooster and i believe they think they are chickens.
they forage togther wonder about as a flock.Im glad they connected with the chickens,gives them a reason to stick around.
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Mine wouldn't... because they know I'm the Food and Treat Goddess!

But considering the size difference you mentioned... I'm betting they'd either see you as a threat to the flock, something smaller and lower in the pecking order to pick on or a juicy bug, and you'd be toast lol.

I've never really had any of my Guineas get aggressive with me... unless it was a cranky and defensive bird that I was catching and handling for whatever reason (leg band, medicating, selling etc) and it was lucky enough to catch me off guard and peck me, or if it was a Hen that I was taking eggs or keets away from (they can be vicious). The extra cocky males will sometimes posture at me and act tuff, but as soon as they get "the look" from me or I step towards them to call their bluff, they go chase another Guinea instead, lol.

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