Would these breeds be okay together?


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Mar 30, 2008
I am currently raising 4 RIRs, they are 2 weeks old. I REALLY want a buff Orp. Will these two breeds be okay together? If so where could I find one I live in Indiana, I don't know anyone else in this area that raises chickens and our local Rural King doesn't carry that breed.
I am not an expert as I have only had my girls since 2/13/08. I have 15 assorted that include buffs and 17 Aracana and all 32 live happily in a "Stage 2" huge box thing my dear husband made in the garage. I hope a more experienced chicken lover writes to confirm my guess. Mt Healthy Hatchery in Cincy has chicks.
Thanks for your imput. I just put an email into the hatchery. Didn't know if they'd let me place a small order or not. Waiting for their reply.
RIR and Buff Orps will get along fine unless there is a personality conflict which could happen with any breed and even between chickens of the same breed... it's not likely though.
I've raised the two together without any problems. There is a size difference, with the buffs being a bit larger than the RIRs, but it never posed a problem for my flock. Get the Buffs, you'll love 'em!!
My flock is made up of Buff Orps, RIRs and Barred Rocks. All get along great and they are so beautiful together. The chicks came from a local feed store, originally from Ideal.

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