Would this work for the roosters?


12 Years
Aug 13, 2007
I have 4 different breeds of eggs in the bator now and if all goes well would like to keep 2 hens and a rooster of each breed and give away or sell the rest. I don't have room to set up 4 seperate pens, so I was wondering if I could use one pen to keep the girls in and another to keep the boys in. Then when I wanted a rooster to breed the hens I could pull one out and place with the hens (How long would he need to be in there?). When he was done I could just take him back out and place him back in with the boys. Would this work or would the boys all start fighting when I put the one that I had taken out back in with the rest of the boys?
As long as the roosters didn't get to see the hens, it may work out. However, it may also be tough on the roo that has to be reintroduced later down the road. I'd keep the roo with the girls for at least two weeks to make sure he gets everyone.
Thanks, I was kind of worried about taking the roo out and then adding him back in, just wanted a expert opinion.

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