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I am going to be showing this fall and the show I am going to enter requiers you to band your birds and I don't mind because that way my hen can't get switched with a different bird.

So I would like to know if this leg bands would work also I will take pics of me holding the bird and the number on the band that kind of thing?



Also if you would not get these what kind of leg bands would you buy?
And I am not doing wing bands can't stand those thing
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Contact the show secretary and ask for a copy of hte show catalogue. That should list all the specific rules for that show, tell you the entry deadlines and who the judges are, show schedule (time to coop in, when judging begins, when birds are released, etc.). Make sure your bird meets the standard. A week beforehand bathe the bird, treat for lice/mites, trim toenails and beak, blow dry and keep in clean shavings with a good diet that includes some grains (to firm up poop, making cleaning easier). Bring grooming aids (don't forget a hair dryer for emergencies--silkies just love dunking their head in the water a few minutes before they are judged!), a chair, food for the bird, flea/tick spray, disinfectant spray, extra shavings. Get to know folks, participate in auctions, raffles, banquet, activities, and have lots of fun! Good luck!

With show supplies, if you leave it at home, chances are you will need it; if you bring it, chances are you won't.

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