Would you eat the eggs from an LLV exposed/carrier flock?


11 Years
Oct 11, 2008
Hardwick, NW New Jersey
I've posted this question before, but only got 1 reply................so I'm hoping for some more input/opinions 'this time'.
I had a young hen diagnosed, by Dept. of Ag. necropsy, with LLV.
I was told that since the rest of the flock was exposed to her, some more of them may develop tumors and die, or 'none'
may develop the tumors.........but that all should now be considered 'carriers' of the virus.

For anyone who has experienced this problem, could you please tell me your opinion on eating the eggs from LLV carrier
Would you or wouldn't you (do you or don't you) eat them?????

Also someone posted a long-ish LLV post, and mentioned that her vet said they were "currently doing chicken-to-human
LLV transmission research".............but I don't remember who posted this.
Does anyone know anything about this research, or who one would contact about it??? (Dept. of Ag vet was less than
helpful on this point.......)

Any egg-eating advice or research info much appreciated.......................................
LLV is not fun!
Lymphoid Leukosis Virus.

You can read about it here .

To the OP - In the article that I have added a link to here, it says that the virus is found in virtually every flock, so I would think it would be okay to eat the eggs. I don't know that I would eat the egg that came specifically from the chicken you know has it (which is my opinion and something I would do, it's not fact), but I would think it would be okay to eat eggs from the others in your flock.

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