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Guess who came knocking on my door?

I thought it was one of those religious folks come a-calling, so I sigh and opened the door. "Another darn politician sell or religious stuff!"

I think the man paused and introduced himself......."Hello, this is State Representive Bob Flider" he reached out his hand and I accepted his handshake. He asked me how I am doing and is my husband OK with his job?

I thought oh my god! A REAL politician???? I never had anyone "famous" from Washington DC. Oh Lordy I got tons of things to say!

Sure I told him hubby is fine but his employer sucks...(as it is mentioned somewhere in here "Can the Employer Do this?" thread). Told him in details and he made notes. He was just floored how well I spoke after I told him that I was hearing impared.

Also told him about my experience at the Macon Co for health care and Medicaid, food stamps and the whole deal of it. Some people really need it and others DO NOT! Stop the abuse. Do very thorough background checks, follow ups, etc.

AND Medicare and Social Security. EDUCATION was the biggy!

AND get this one, I told him that I do not like to HEAR about mudslinging about other politicians, I want to HEAR about what you can do for us if we vote for you and are you going to keep your promises? I informed him that I am burned out about all this crap, the ecomony, WE NEED JOBS to move the money...people work, earn their money, they will spend and the ecomony will MOVE. Bob (as he liked to be called instead of Mr Flider) said he did tried to the "honest ads" that but it didn't work. I told him I am disappointed that you think "mudslinging" would attact voters, it just in poor taste and it does not tell me what you are capable as a politicians and that is WHY I do not trust them. He understands that perfectly and hope I will vote after he told me about what he would do to fight FOR us even the odds are stacked against him because whatever he lobbied, it gets turned down by the majority. I do not understand the ins and out of politicians but it is true when you keep fighting for what you believe in but once you are in office, you would turn on us. He again understands why and replied that many of answers from the people in the neighborhood, all said the same thing.

Now I must admit, I didn't know if I wanted to vote but after seeing his track records in what he was FOR and AGAINST, it looks good. I do not know if I want to vote. Hubby said he WISHED he was there to lay it on him thick with HARD questions. Bob has to do some HARD selling to me to vote for him.

Did you ever had someone important and did you end up voting for that person?
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Now if I had extra time, I would have him taking a pic of a chicken to promote the chicken backyard movement!
you should always vote. it is our only way as citizens to put those in office that can work for us or get those out of office that are full of just talk. When you don't vote, you have nothing to complain about. sometime I don't like who is running, in that case, I may do a write in, that person I don't expect to win but it's one vote someone else did not get.
Yes if I don't vote, I don't need to complain LOL! I love that tactic, since hubby NEVER voted because he thinks ALL of them are crooked. They have to be honest in one point in their career LOL! He was complaining about President Bush and President Obama, he didnt vote but I did. Sure I complained but I got a good reason because I picked the guy who may be the best for the position in what I am looking for.

He didn't want me to vote but he says go ahead and I 'll laugh because if he makes a mistake or didn't do what he said he was going to do, then you are a SUCKER for voting for him! Sucker or not, at least, as an American, I voted LOL! AND I made history by voting for the FIRST black president we ever had and something to tell to my grandkids one day!

If one politician dies or moves on, most of them would remember them for what they fought for or what they were notorious for. Our two governors of Illinois were pretty crappy but we do know later in the history lessons, we would reflect back and said, well he was known to be crooked BUT he did good things such as ___________. Like the Kennedys, they were not of "purist" of any sort and scandals going on but however, what they had done was for the betterment of the country. Like JFK said something like this: Do what you can do for your country, not what the country can do for you". Well, he could not have said it better. Even Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was profound and he was not well liked either but he got voted in for the second term before his assisination.
This morning one of the staff of Bob Flider put out the campaign sign in front of our yard.....neat! At least he asked for permission and I said yes you may but if my hubby sees that, he would take it down LOL!

I am going to make a pact for hubby......he can put up his sign VOTE FOR LINCOLN and he does not have to worry about voting for Mr Lincoln!
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I wish we had a "none of the above" button.... if this selection over turned the parties available to be voted for, they had to submitt new canditates. May take a little longer to get someone in office. But at least we wouldn't have to try to pick from the lesser of two evils. Some times I feel like we're just being played by these people.

Maybe some good will come out of your meeting!
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I think the biggest problem with many politicians is that they are so far removed from the common people. I love it when they take the time to sit and talk with voters without all the needless rhetoric. Of course, I'm too cynical not to suspect that most of them are acting but I won't completely give up hope! I'm glad you got to give him an earful. Good luck with keeping the sign up.
That reminds me of a woman my husband met during the last presidential election. She was an Obama supporter and her husband was for MCain. She put an Obama sign in their front yard and he refused to mow the yard until she took it down. The sign (and the long grass) stayed for the entire election!
I don't vote for anything I don't have an opinion on. It waters down the votes of the people that do. Thats why its hard to vote people out of office. People that don't know or don't care always vote for the name that they recognize. I do vote for a lot of things but I skip over the stuff on the ballot that I haven't researched myself. You will notice all the campaigning around poles. They are trying to get there name in the heads of the people that are there to vote on other issues an get that "dont care" vote.
Aw, gee. I was expecting to hear about Guy Fieri

But, it is nice to hear that some are doing the footwork and that you got to chat him up!
Took a gander at his site... weird but he looks a lot like an old friend of ours' Dad!

My particular city isn't that big... Dallas is, Ft Worth is, but here... not so much. I seriously doubt any State candidate is going to bother going door to door here... not when they won't even do a speaking engagement here... all in Dallas/FtW.

But WTG YOU for telling him your real concerns.... nice to see someone not gunshy at all get to the meat of the matter. And I second the emotion on the mudslinging... seriously, if all you did at any other job interview was gripe about the other applicants, didn't even bother giving a resume would you expect to get the job? No, of course not... seems like common sense to me but since when has politics (and policy for that matter) ever had much to do with that?

Who knows, maybe now he got good info, honest info... and no yelling... or shoe throwing... maybe he'll come back for another dose some time? And THEN you can insist he promote backyard chickens.

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