WOW that was quick!

Red Star Hens

Apr 19, 2015
Appalachian Mountains
I just want to give a big shout out to Rob Ludlow on the extremely FAST shipping on my "For Dummies" book as well as the sweet goodies included and the Golden Feathers upgrade (which was quick too).
The book was here in about two days and MAN, what a wealth of info.! I read it in three days and was very impressed with the organization and quality of info. I have friends that have kept chickens for 2-3 years complimenting me on my knowledge of chickens and i have only been into them for about two months now. Mind you i'm a bit OCD and go 150% full steam ahead when i venture into something new, absorbing ALL the info i can process like a sponge.
Now i just need time and experience under my belt and i feel really good about it thanks to this site, Rob's book and some very knowledgeable chicken farmers in my area. Kudos Rob and thanks a million!

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