Wrinkled egg and a mini egg found

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    thank you for looking at the pictures to help my chickens
    I have three chickens that lay white eggs. I found this wrinkled one today, after much searching online for reasons why I am much confused. its very hard, and seams think on the wrinkled part. what gets me is the small smooth dome on the top corner. None of the girls have been slow at laying, even though it is in the middle of winter. a few eggs have had a kind of pointy top.
    Here might be something to keep in mind in your diagnosis- last week I saw a chicken look kind of constipated so I sprinkled her food with a little Epsom salt and added molasses to her water. she's a regular pooper now.
    I also found this tiny egg in some poop outside the nesting box. could it be a co-problem?
    All the girls seemed fine as they ate up their corn before settling in for the night.

    any ideas??? and thank you for reading this to help out a fellow chicken lover =)
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    The wrinkled egg looks like what they call a slab-sided egg, or sun burst egg, from when two eggs are in the shell gland at the same time, it's usually more on the side but sometimes at the ends. The little one looks like what they call call a wind or fart egg, they usually don't have a normal yolk, there was a piece of albumen or something that the egg was formed around instead. It seems that if they only happen once in a while, it is usually nothing to worry about, if you are getting a lot of them, there are various causes listed you'd probably want to look into. http://www.thepoultrysite.com/publications/1/egg-quality-handbook/19/flatsided-eggs and http://www.merckmanuals.com/vet/pou...tem/dfective_or_abnormal_eggs_in_poultry.html
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