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  1. Im helping hubby with making out a resume. I want it to be the best we can make. Any helpful ideas of what or how we can write this out? What to be expected in a resume? Formation of how it should be written?
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    PMing you....
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    I wouldn't mind helping out either. I have several templates as well as an example or two of mine that I could send you if you are interested. Basically you'll want to PM dates times experience etc. If you want one of mine or a template I'd have no problemo sending you one. Just need to know what sort of word processing format you need.
  4. Im using Microsoft Windows. I have done LOADS of resumes for hubby but never sure if they are good enough. Husband isn't very good with any type of writing stuff. His grammer is really bad so I do it for him but with him. Now it's not a time to do anything half way. Examples would be GREAT!
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    Just be sure to tell the truth on what his qualifications and experiance are. If you embellish it will backfire on him.
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    Get straight to the point, no writing a book, you want to catch someones attention when they're reading it - not bore them to death. One page should be plenty. (last 2 or 3 jobs and a point form list of experience)

    When I was job hunting I had a couple of them at the ready - depending on the job being applied for, I work in Finance, so some were aimed to one thing others to another and I could send the one that best fit the job being advertised, I never lied, but if a job was for one thing, I made sure my experience in that area was well highlighted in the resume.

    I also used some nice paper stock, something that will make the resume stand out from the rest, even if its just the feel of the paper being used, don't use regular paper if you're mailing or dropping off resumes'. (I'm a girl so I used paper that had a very light marble detail) If someone is going to be reading through 20 resume's for one job, you want your resume to stick in their mind longest!

    Have someone read and re-read and look for errors! Never ever send out a resume with mistakes or bad spelling.

    Good luck
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    Quote:That's a fantastic idea-definitely an eye catcher for sure! Absolutely, positively check for the typos and bad grammar-good luck to your hubby. [​IMG]
  8. How is this?

    Jason Allen McCord
    Date of Birth: December 20, 1984
    Address: **** SW ***th Road
    Lake Butler, Florida *****
    Contact Numbers:
    Home: ***-***-****
    Others: ***-***-****
    Others: ***-***-****

    High School: Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
    Location- St. Augustine, Florida
    Year Graduated- 2004
    GPA- 3.2

    College: Florida Career College
    Location- Orange Park, Florida
    Year Graduated- Still Attending
    Courses Taken- Technology Communication

    Work Experiences:
    Automatic Control
    Location- Newberry, Florida
    Job Title- Installation Tech
    Date Started- July 21st, 2008
    Starting Pay- $8.50
    Ending Pay- $9.00
    Reason for leaving- Medical leave

    Union County School Board
    Location- Lake Butler, Florida
    Job Title- Custodian
    Date Started- September 2007
    Starting Pay- $7.00
    Ending Pay- $7.75
    Reason for leaving- Laid off
    · Auto Mechanic- Raised and taught by his father since the age of 10. Owns a small repair business with father as a Hobby.
    · Cabinet Building- Helps a friend with his own cabinetry business. Knows how to build Cabinets and work the machines needed for Cabinetry.
    · American Sign Language- Used as a primary language at home due to wife and daughters hearing disability. Oral English is also used as primary language.
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    don't put high school on there first. put most recent job first, then the next etc.. you can list the schools at the bottom.

    skip the pay rate as well, they don't need to know that, they don't need to know reason for leaving either - they can ask those questions in an interview.


    Contact info (email or phone number)


    Job 1
    May 2008- june 2009
    Title: XXXXXXX

    Type a short paragraph of job duties or list them point form.

    Job 2
    Jan 2006 - May 2008

    Type short paragraph of point form.

    (job 3 if applicable)

    * XYZ college - List degree or course - year or date
    * High school - short details.

    * Can drive fork lift
    * Can drive truck (list the detail)
    * Computer XYZ experience (list software programs etc)
    * Sign language
    * (specialized tools)
    * anything else, listed in pointform that would be applicable for the job.
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  10. I didn't realize a resume can be THAT simple. I always stress over doing his resumes and spend HOURS on them and usually have them 2 or 3 pages long. I am WAY off!

    If hubby gets a job using the resume, Im going to have to come to each and every one of your houses and just kiss the mess out of you! LOL!

    or maybe...

    Throw a discount AVON party!
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