Wry neck followed by sudden death, HELP!!!


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Jun 5, 2012
Help, please. My lovely silkie, Lady Gaga as she was affectionately nicknamed by my friends, developed a limp yesterday. We separated her and noticed that the leg she favored seemed to pop when maneuvered. She was also slightly leaning her head to the left and her cluck seemed off. She got treats and water and her own little spot to recover away from the rest of the flock. Aprx. 6 hrs later when he went to check on her she was star gazing. I did the research and we IMMEDIATELY got vitamin E and a small dose of selenium in her, supported her with towels and moved her into the house. She was lethargic and having muscle spasms this morning but we got some food, vitamins, and water into her then headed to the vet. The vet had no clue as to the cause but gave us antibiotics, selenium injections for every four days and gave her a shot of vitamins A and B.She seemed her old sassy self only with her crooked neck. In three hours after we returned she was gone. We did everything right, but now I am fearing for the rest of her flock and my other two flocks. Has anyone had this happen and could it just be a symptom of shock? or Brain or nerve damage from an over amorous roo, as silkies have a hole in their skulls this could be likely? Other then my internal layer that was euthanized today, there is no sign of other problems in my flock. She even laid on Saturday!!!!
I have mostly ruled out Newcastle as there has not been a confirmed case in Washington state where I live, the same with Marek's, she was also missing some of the classic symptoms of that disease.
I am sorry for your loss.

From what I have read, wry neck can be caused by injury, infection, or vitamin deficiency. It sounds like you really took care of the vitamin issue.

Was she gasping (aspergillosis)?

diagnosis charts at bottom...you can look at the twisted necks part if needed

Oh thank you I copied the table in this document onto my computer for future reference!
the limping isn't part of wry neck syndrome, I wonder if she was having some type of seizures - is there any chance she came upon fertilizer or weed killer, bug killer or maybe even a poisoned mouse?

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