Wry neck, now excessive feather loss - help


Jul 9, 2021
SE Georgia, USA
15 month old California White hen loosing a lot of feathers over the last three days. When she fluffs up and shakes off, they just fall out. They are small fluffy ones. She’s lost a couple longer ones, I think tail feathers.

A little history:

She had a bald spot/feather loss on her back for a couple months from an overzealous rooster (now rehomed). Those are growing back in. Now these others are just falling out.

About a month ago, she was lethargic and leaking yolk. I isolated, did warm soaks, enrofloxacin, calcium, vitamins, and gave wormer. That improved quickly and she continued to lay daily.

A few days later…wry neck. I assumed from the days of not eating/drinking. Gave vitamin E, B complex, selenium…eventually switched to poultry cell. Took about 10 days but that resolved completely.

She’s been back out with her flock for two weeks. Doing great. And seems to have went right back to her spot in the pecking order. Although I’m not sure if she has laid any eggs since being back out there. And she rests more during the day then she used to before all of this.

Now the feather loss.
I’ve looked her all over. She seems fine otherwise. No mites or anything that I can see. No other sick chickens.

I have them on feather fixer.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
If she's eating/drinking and relatively active, then I'm not sure what else you can do.

Stress of being sick may have resulted in molt. Her age is 1.5yrs, so she may just be going through a molt.
That’s all I can come up with too.

I looked her all over this afternoon again, and I don’t see any signs of mites.

Looks like most of the feather loss right now is under her wings on her sides. The big bare spot on her back has new feathers coming in.

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