Mountain Granny

Apr 15, 2021
I just noticed my 8 week old silky chick has a crooked neck. Been reading up on wyr neck. Iv never seen it or had any chicks with it before. This is my first time having silkies, and i read they get it a lot.. Please give me advice on how to treat it. She is such a sweet girl ! Here are a couple pictures of her.
Wry neck or torticolis is a symptom of a neurological condition. It is common in silkies, and can be a sign of vitamin E or thiamine deficiency, a head or neck injury, or a symptom of some viral diseases that affect the brain. Mareks is one, and in other countries, Newcastles is another.
Most people try treating with 400 IU of vitamin E, a bit of B1 thiamine in B complex or a chick vitamin, and a little selenium which is plentiful in a little scramble egg, tuna, or sunflower see. If she cannot straighten her neck, she may need to be hand fed moist chick feed and some egg.

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