WTB: 1 Silkie, any color in SouthEastern PA


13 Years
Dec 8, 2009
Oxford, PA
I had a silkie I purchased from the local feed store when they were selling their chicks. Apparently, he/she wasn't well and became sick and died soon after getting it
All other chicks purchased are well, thankfully. But I really had my heart set on having a silkie to add to my clan. I love my chickens and they are plenty spoiled. I only want one silkie, so ordering from a hatchery is out. I'm willing to drive an hour or two to pick up a new silkie if anyone has one available to sell. I am not looking for show quality, just a new member of my family. I do prefer it to be under 2 years old if possible. I'd like many years with him/her.

Thank You,
Chester County, PA
How far are you from Columbia County. I have 2 white silkies about 5 to 6 weeks old. You could choose one. Do you have any chicks to trade for?

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