WTB: Cheap Silkie eggs


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
Chenango Forks NY
I am looking for silkie eggs! Any color will do, I just want to get some silkies! Does not matter if birds are SQ or pet quality, I will not be breeding they will just be pets. I would prefer not to pay an arm and a leg also
I would also prefer that they are close by (in NY or surrounding states) so that they do have have a huge distance to ship but to be honest even that does not matter! Idealy I would like 12+ PM me with prices please!
Our silkies are SQ, but not all chicks will be show quality even from the best parent stock. We're up near Syracuse, so we're pretty close. Let me know what you're hoping to pay & I'll see if we can work with that.


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