WTB - Delawares for Dual Purpose use


9 Years
Oct 5, 2010
Pacific NW
HELLO! I have been researching all things chicken, for awhile now; and am quite certain that the Delaware breed is the breed for me. I am desperately (yes, strangely desperate) looking for 4+ hens and a roo... NOW! :) I wish to brood my own eggs early next year with the "aid" of a pre-established "flock".
I reside on the Southern coast of Oregon; just south of Bandon. I'm able to travel 200ish mile radius for a pick up. I am also willing to pay well for them, too.
Please, please, help this restless soul ;-)
D. R. Hartley
I don't qualify for the actual birds but we do have delaware eggs for sell from Speckledhen and I'll be glad to help you with those if you like. We have a great deal of experience in shipping eggs as you'll see from our listings. Best of luck in finding the birds, but should you decide you want eggs, please do let me know if I can be of assistance. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy
Darn it! Just ordered eggs through Meyer's Yesterday ;-(
However; I will want to keep the bloodline from going "stail", sssooooo, I'll be ordering again in the future. Though, admittedly, I'd prefer a well bred roo for said purpose.
Thank you for the reply. God bless :)
I live South Seattle and would like to buy some purebred hatching Delaware eggs. Does anyone live near by has some to share or for sale?
I'm sorry you missed my message.... I just love Speckledhen's line and will be glad to sell to you when you are next ready..Best wishes with your hatching! Have a blessed day. Nancy
Where are you? I have a 5 week old dellie roo that I am trying to rehome. I already have 2 roos and cant keep another. Never mind I just saw the end of your post. Guess I sould pay more attention
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