WTB ducks/chickens GA


13 Years
Feb 7, 2011
north Georgia
Well we've had a snake come through and over a couple of weeks take out most of the young chicks we had. Finally caught the thing and relocated it so now is the time to re-stock the chicken pen.

We would like to find EE or Barred Rocks (pullets only if not chicks), might consider Wyandottes. We are also interested in Bantam Wyandottes or D'Uccle (straight run is fine).

In ducks we would like to find either Swedish (preferred) or possibly Runners.

Unfortunately we don't have an incubator so hatching eggs are out of the question. We would like chicks or young stock. We're located near Dalton, GA but can come to the Chattanooga, TN area.
I have 2 Penciled Runner babies about 4 weeks old from Holderreads I'm going to sell. Their markings aren't quite what I need in my breeding program. They are very upright , good heads etc., be pretty ducks, they already know what "dinner and Greens "means. I live not far away from Dalton, west about 30 miles.I can meet you in Dalton... if you are interested. I'd want, say 15.00 each, which would make me break even.....

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