WTB- Good $$$ for a ridiculous Silkie/SG roo or cockerel


11 Years
Mar 26, 2008
I need to add new blood to my flock. I'm looking for a gloriously fluffy, feathery Silkie or SG roo or cockerel, for which I'm willing to pay fair market value. Hattrick and/or exhibition lines desired, of course. Blue, splash, black or white. Very correct in every way, from comb, to skin color, to toes, to feather type. Huge topknot wanted. Small overall size preferrred. I can send a Horizon shipping box to you if shipping will be needed. I'm in Maine.
Hattrick's don't breed showgirls.
mabe u should check "eggbid" for a gloriously fluffy butt.
Sorry, I don't follow.

Showgirls have Silkie lines. I don't see what you're getting at.

I'm a serious buyer looking for a serious Silkie breeder. Do you have an issue with this? Are you telling me I'm in the wrong place to find a good Silkie? I'm relatively new here.
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Misunderstandings are common here, so don't take anything personally. I've read several threads where people here have gotten exactly what they're looking for from other members, and I know there are quite a few silkie breeders here. Just be patient, if someone has what you need you'll get a reply.

Good luck with your search!
Thanks- good to know there might be something out there for me.

Mostly I don't follow the intent Silkiechick's post- and am honestly surprised and disappointed. I've really seen this a pretty straight-forward, professional, respectable forum.

I'm just looking to improve my stock- I need to add feather and topknots and I know Hattrick lines would do that. A generation with a Silkie roo with Hattrick genes would do a nice job of it when I breed back for Showgirls. I don't know about others, but I highly encourage Silkies/SG breeders to strive to improve their stock b/c that helps me improve mine, in the long run.


I'm just naive or dumb, I guess. :shrug
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nikki does sell showgirls once in a great while but they r not from her bloodline they r from eggs she has hatched from others and she lets it known it's not her stock. i thought u said u wanted hattrick silkies and hattrick sg's thinking she was a showgirl breeder cuz u saw somewhere she had them for sale. my bad i miss read what u were saying.

the other comment i was teaseing cuz of how u said it never heard that before and eggbid usually has whites, blacks,partridge and sometimes grays and others. i see alot of them go through there. if u can't find them here eggbid is the site to keep an eye out for them.

take a chill it was nothing personal,
No probs. Thanks for explaining.

If you didn't have the emoticon smilies in there, your post would've read more as you intended, I think. But the smilie's made it seem on the sarcastic side.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I like eggbid, too- you're right, there are some fantastic birds on there once in a while.
I will say- tho with some sheepishness- that I've seen a roo or two who I was tempted to pay the big bucks for. Once you get up into the higher generations, like F15, they start getting pretty spectacular. And a nice F15 roo, for instance, instantly improves your entire line of offspring if you have- like me- F9-F11 SGs.

I'll also admit I just paid a pretty penny on some INCREDBILE Silkie hatching eggs, they're just spectacular. They'll really improve the feather on my kids. Of course, once my Showgirls start looking like true superstars, I'll start asking more for the eggs than $1 a piece! LOL!

Glad you liked the eggs you got however no reason to diss another breeder over it. April

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huh??? wow am I confussed!!!!

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