WTB: Hatching Eggs for Nice, Dark Rhode Island Reds


10 Years
Aug 23, 2009
Western North Carolina
I had a healthy if aging home grown flock, then I tried adding young hatchery birds for a fresh bloodline. They didn't do too well in the rains this spring and summer, no matter how much shelter I provided. I think fall might be better for raising the young'uns, so I don't want to mess around this time. If you have chickens of good conformation and they are smart enough to get in out of the rain, I have incubators and I want to raise their children.

Yes we have some flocks that are "rain savy"..... I have several different flocks as indicated below:
Heritage Rhode Island Red
Black Copper Marans (see current auction)
Blue, Black and Splash Orpingtons (currently on an auction)
Delawares (on a wait list)
Barred Rocks
White Leghorns
Welsummers (on a wait list)
Lavendar Orpingtons (on a wait list)
Buff Orpingtons (sold out until 2011)
Wheaten Marans (sold out until 2011)
Blue Black Splash Marans (sold out until 2011 or possibly late 2010 - I'll need to check books)
Split Black Lavender Orpingtons

Please let me know which of these interest you. You don't have to order a full dozen and I'd be delighted to work you up some prices.

Thanks and have a blessed day.
We have RIR's and are in Eastern, NC. How many eggs are you looking for?



Wow! Two responses and so quick! Such pretty birds, too. I'm almost tempted to order eggs from both of you, to have more new blood in the flock. I know both of you by reputation and you're great folks. Ok, what my deal is...right now I looked in my incubator and saw full racks where I had thought I had space for a dozen or so. I got a little carried away with the idea of testing a batch of eggs and getting the incubator settled in for a beginning of fall hatch. (Barred Rock x EE x Silkie and some mystery eggs) So I'm going to have to wait a couple of weeks, right out of the gate unless I want to cover my counter top with incubators again (it was that way all summer from the ducks and such and I've been looking forward to space for working bread dough and rolling pie crusts and all those fall things).

What I'd like is about 2 dozen eggs total, probably getting a dozen from each of you, but being that these are good Rhode Island Reds vs the ones that are lighter or more orangey, my conscience plucks at my sleeve and tells me to find out how much they are first and see what the shipping details are. I'm in Western North Carolina, Bryson City (and I don't see the harm in adding 28713 since that's the zip code for Bryson City). I'd like price estimates and shipping estimates for 6, 12, and 24 quantities, Rhode Island Red breed.
she spoils her chickens... don't send her eggs... they will grow up into treat expecting lap warmers....
lol.. <3
good luck with the new additions Nef..

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