WTB Hatching eggs, please

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    DH bought me a Brinsea incubator for Christmas, I'm not sure what model though. I think 9 - 12 eggs would be a safe number. I would prefer a purebred mix of the following breeds, but may consider one breed, depending on price.

    Copper Marans
    Cochins (preferably bantam, but would consider the biggies, depending on color) (colors: Barred-a must!, blue, splash, mottled, buff, black or white frizzle)
    Buff Brahmas (preferably bantam)
    Bantam Polish

    Just to throw this out there, in case someone would be interested - my girls haven't realized there's less daylight, so I am inundated with eggs. Since my eggs are mostly mutts, I would be more than willing to trade at least double whatever you send me. I currently have 2 doz just sitting on my counter, because I have no room in the fridge and I already gave some away. My girls are laying between 5 - 6 eggs per day. This might be ideal for a hatchaholic, who needs a bunch of any-kind-of-eggs to satisfy their craving.

    My roos are a white silkie and a golden/mahogany/grey EE/Silkie. I haven't hatched a chick yet without 5 toes.

    My hens are Australorps, white silkie (the other silkies have chicks), CM, BR, SLW & BA/Silkie.

    Please PM with prices.

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    Feb 2, 2009
    Hamilton Ga
    I have SLW, BO, EE and some silikes, Frizzle EE, Frizzle cochin. Would sell a mixed dozen for $18 shipped with tracking #
    Can make whole dozen of first three.

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