WTB Late December Specific Marans

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    Jul 14, 2009
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    As with everyone else in trying to start a foundation breeding flock,sometimes your hatch results in more roos than hens. And every breeding program should have a set goal,be to better or enhance the breed,or introduce new blood into a stagnate gene pool. We have many goals this 2010 spring,one of which is to start feathered shanked Golden Cuckoo Marans,(which it seems noone has,or knows how to breed feathers on theirs) & double barred Blue Cuckoo Marans.But our immediate search is to locate heavily feathered shanked Solid Black Marans eggs to hatch.We need these to enlarge the number of solid Blue hens we will need. If you know anyone that will have 24-36 eggs available for shipping in late December-very early January from a flock of pure Solid Black Marans,,that all birds bred together have feathered shanks and a feathered third outer toe,please send me their information.
    We are very specific as to what bloodline we do NOT want solid blacks from,,there was crossing of another breed into their line of solid blacks which will take years to correct,,we have paid premium prices for the Marans bloodline eggs we have hatched,and some were not worth the cost of shipping.If your a serious breeder and have a tight linebred flock,with all adults having heavy feathered shanks and good egg color please get in touch with me.I would like to see pictures of the adult birds as well as CURRENT egg pictures to see color.

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