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I'm looking for fertile hatching eggs in the southern Oklahoma area, im looking for a few dozen to fill up two GFQ incubators, want them from good stock non mixed breeds the breed dosent mater as long as their not mixed breeds also might be interested in bantam/duck eggs. send me an email to [email protected] make sure you put eggs in the subject line so I wont delete it.
I have fertile eggs, but probably not enough for your needs. I only have 2 Rhode Island red Hens, and 1 Rhode Island Red Rooster. This Spring I plan to go to Sulphur Trade Days to get some laying Rhode Island Red hens.

Do you have chickens? I also have 4 Barred Rock hens, and 2 barred Rock Cockerels, 2 other young Rhode Island Red Cockerels, but they are fully feathered, and a few months age difference, and I have 1 Rhode Island Red Pullet.
quintinp if you want some chicks i know a guy over by the park that has some good chicks few weeks old and go to the chicken auction in durant its ever 1st and 3rd tusday of the month starts at 6pm you can get chickens for 2-10 bucks each all ages and types just make sure you over look the birds before you buy them make sure their all ok im out there everytime
Really I have never been there, I think I saw a paper about it taped to some convenient store window. I would like to know about the chicks though, what kind are they, because I don't want any mixed breeds. I don't need anymore mixed breeds. I finally purified my flock.
He has RReds and a few others their all pure bred his # is 580-224-1848 his name is tony he buys his eggs off a well known breeder and their good chicks none are mixed
That's awesome, do you know how much he wants for them? I am really interested. I would like to buy hens though, I have 5 roosters right now anyway, and couldn't risk getting anymore roosters.
hes pretty good at sexing chicks and i dont rember how much he was asking you could always text him and find out he sold alot of them yesterday at the auction and has 2 incubator full hatching out with in the week
And then again, I am wanting some older hens, that would be laying by next spring. I will probably be buying some hens from Sulphur Trade Days, or that Auction, but thanks A LOT for this info.
try the auction out one of these days in durant you will get hooked they have all kinda od stuff that comes threw there all kinds of birds calves goats incubators junk guns you name it its there and in the winter everything sells cheap spring time is when everything goes way up

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