WTB- PA or Ship-Purebred Ameraucana Eggs


11 Years
Jun 28, 2008
Northeast, PA
I am really hoping to find some purebred Ameraucana hatching eggs for the week of the 16th if possible. I just got my new bator to replace the LG and love Ameraucanas.
I want to fill the bator next week and am wanting a dozen eggs of this breed to go in.
Please contact me by email or PM if you will have any.
I am looking for blue,black,splash, lavender,white and Blue Wheaten. Any of those colors would be great. These birds will have a great home . We are looking for good quality purebred birds , not hatchery stock. Will buy chicks also if anyone has them for sale in PA or can ship.
Thank you!
What colors are you looking for? We have blue and black Standard Ameraucanas and black bantam Ameraucanas hatching eggs for sale. The eggs are $20 dozen and shipping $15.
Here are pictures of the Standard eggs

Here is a picture of the bantam eggs


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