WTB Quail eggs for human consumtion


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009

I am alergic to chicken eggs and am looking to buy quail eggs for consumption. Preferably organicaly grown or without meds/hormones. Where should I look? I'm in Midwest.
Thanks, Kim
I'm not sure if you can find asian markets where you live but they usually have them. Although I don't know how old they are and I doubt they'd be organic.

Another option would be to start keeping your own quail. Then you'd have eggs in your backyard and you wouldn't have to go hunt for a place to buy them when you need them.

Duck eggs are another option if you are allergic to chicken eggs. So if buying duck eggs or a few laying ducks is easier for you, than that is also worth a shot. Plus duck eggs are a little more user-friendly when you are accustomed to cooking with chicken eggs.
Hi Kim,I have the perfect set up for you and I'm located in the midwest too! My name's Heather and I started raising button quail for the eggs to avoid hormones,etc.I'm about to put my house up for sale tho so I'm afraid I must part with my flock.I have a small breeding cage set up for 7 individual pairs,in my experience they seem to be happier and produce better in pairs.I'd like to find them a good home so I'd make you a heckuva deal if your interested.my cell is 618-977-1599
Thanks! H
Thank you so much for your suggestions. I'm not sure I can raise quail myself. I'm OK with some of my plants "go", but would hate to kill any birds just because I didn't have the time to feed them. I'm thinking about finding a farmer in the area who'd raise them for us. But don't even know where to start.

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