WTB Silkie Ducks

I have a bunch of holderread's ducks, but I want me some silky too,
ZeaglerDuckFarm.com hey where are you located maybe we could order some together and split the shipping and one or the other us take ours out at the post office and forward them on if were close distance,
Okay... anyone have a picture? I tried to google to see what they looked like and couldn't find a picture.
We have ducks and silkie chickens and I was overly curious

BTW MFB... I saw the whole prank thread
you aren't doing payback on someone with this are you? That thread was awesome and right up my alley.

be vewy vewy quiet.....

It's just the start of my evil payback plan....

LOL... I shall not utter another word... You deserve some payback.

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