wwoofer on chicken duty, could do with some advice

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    Sep 4, 2009

    I'm a willing worker, currently staying on a small holding in victoria, australia.

    Their, and mine, chicken knowledge is a lil low so I'm on a chicken research mission, sifting through vast amounts of information. (my mind is ready to implode at any moment!)

    The problem at the moment is that the chickens do not appear to be at peak health.

    A few days ago a chicken was looking depressed and on inspection lice were discovered. Now we are treating the whole flock, 15 hens, 2 roosters, and the chook run.

    The run itself is in need of work. Currently the run is on soil and the recent rain has left it wet. In the next few days we will be building a floor to get them off the ground. (note: they are free range, only brought in at night.)

    I have read a lot on AVC and garlic, about putting them in water. though i can find the amounts to put in the water i am unsure as to whether i should be leaving it in constantly or just for a day and then change back to plain water.

    nutrition wise, they are fed on cooked soya beans and a mixture of grain with kitchen scraps. This is apparantely a good combi for protein, about 16-17% but I am wondering if a higher protein requirement is needed at the moment.

    Or if there are any suggestions for other ways to increase the health of the chooks.

    thanks muchly x
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    Sorry I don't know the answer to your ?. Have you gone to search and then typed in Lice or perhaps treating lice? Best of luck to you [​IMG]

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