Wyandotte colour help!


Nov 29, 2017
I bought our first 2 little bantams when they were still young chicks. One was said to be a silver penciled and one a gold. The seller wasn’t sure if they were male or female, but I figured 50/50 odds were ok with just 2. One grew into a pretty little silver hen and the other is a cheeky multi coloured rooster. When they grew their adult feathers her colour stayed the same but his changed to the colour you’ll see in the pics below.
Anyway, they successfully bred and due to various circumstances only one of the babies is left. All good. They’re pets, and it’s all been a learning curve.
I’m very curious as to what we actually have now.
Is the mumma a silver penciled as first thought?
What colour is the rooster known as?
And what colour should this chick be when fully grown? By this same age our rooster had lost his gold penciling and grew his fabulous fabio feathering. Our young one hasn’t lost her (?) gold feathers though. She’s growing into a miniature gold version of mum.

This is Sylvia, the silver hen:

This is Edgar, the fabulous rooster daddy:

And this is the baby, sex and colour unknown. Age is approx 10 -12weeks?
Nov 28, 2017
The hen is Silver Pencilled, the rooster is Gold Partridge. Chick looks to be a pullet so far. I think chick is mixed colour, I’m not sure Silver Pencilled and Gold Partridge make Gold Partridge.

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