Wyandotte confusion


15 Years
Nov 10, 2008
Fitzwilliam NH
I have 5 varieties of Wyandotte chicks, two of the varieties are SL and SP. I've figured out all the chicks except one that I was so sure was a SP but now looking at it next to the others it might be a SL? Anyways, my other thought is that it is a SP cockerel maybe? The only differences between it and my SL chicks are that this chick has a more brown tint to it's baby fuzz and it has tiny white feathers coming in at the top of it's wings where the other SL chicks have black there. Here are his pics:




and a SL chick who looks very similar but with black at the top of the wings:


I know that older SP cockerels have no penciling on the wings, just black mottled with a small amount of white and the SP cockerels are all white on top so I'm leaning towards SP cockerel but I was hoping someone with more experience could clear it up for me. Thanks!
Just to show why I think it's a SP cockerel specifically despite the young age, here is a pic of one of my other SP chicks, I have 5 like this which I take to be pullets since SP cockerels I don't think ever have penciling


ETA: I could be completely wrong and at this age cockerels and pullets may look the same until they get a little older. This is why I need some more experienced opinions.
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