Wyandotte or Wyan-not?

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Jun 15, 2022
We got our first chicks from a local farmstand this spring and selected six different breeds so that we'd be able to tell the girls apart. We had two that were supposed to be a copper marans and a silver wyandotte, respectively. Well, the darker of the two turned out to be our wyandotte, while our other girl has grown into some beautiful black and white feathers of her own. The pattern is almost the inverse of our silver-laced. We're quite happy with her, but we'd be even happier if we knew what she was.


She was just hatched in late March, so we'll see how he plumage comes in after future molts. Our other wyandotte has the classic look already, so we didn't realize it might take her a while yet to reach her final form.

As for the name, they're all Disney princesses. Tiana is the mystery bird and Mulan is the darker wyandotte. We also have Rey, Merida, Elsa, and Leia. Leia is the only one whose name really fits: she's tiny, impossible to catch, and has great big ameraucana puffs on the sides of her head.

Thanks to everyone for weighing in!

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