Wyat age do Brown leghorn starts to crow


7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
HI i was wondering y my brown leghorn cockerel is not crowing like my black australorp even though my brown leghorn is 6 month old so when will it start please answer back thank you
The roosters have a "pecking" order too. The alpha usually does most or all of the crowing. It is announcing his territory. Any roo under him may or may not crow, depends on if they get put in their place for doing so by the alpha. My neighbor has 2 roo's, one 3-4yrs old and the other 7mo old. The younger one is just now getting to crow, but not until they have been let out to free range. When in their coop, only the alpha crows. Size does not dictate who is alpha, I know many bantams that are alpha's over LF roosters. It is age and confidence and hormones. The leghorn will likely challenge for top spot eventually, Australorps tend to be docile so I would guess in time he will be the beta rooster.
The change in the order may never happen. The roosters are individuals and personalities fall across the spectrum in all breeds. You might have an aggressive australorp and a passive leghorn. Why would you want to upset the pecking order and cause strife that may result in a bad situation?
Because i just want to hear my brown leghorn crow once and be the alpha rooster and so it will grow bigger and plus my australorp rooster is very dumb i mean he not even aware of thing as the brown leghorn does and i don't know if this will help but i saw them fight the other day and the brown leghorn would peck once then run away from the australorp rooster so when

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